NEWS20 February 2012

SPA Future Thinking launches Be-There app

Technology UK

UK— SPA Future thinking has launched a mobile app developed by its Quantum Lab think tank, which it says can be used to bridge the gap between a consumer’s actual behaviour and what they tell researchers.

The Be-There app lets respondents document their lives through video, audio, texts and barcodes and upload the material to an online platform, where the research agency’s project team can interact with it to draw out a picture of a consumer and their experiences.

SPA said that by taking the “time constraints” associated with the presence of researchers and interviews out of the equation, respondents can provide their feedback at key moments.

Jon Priest, chief executive at SPA Future Thinking, said: “Be-There has been developed as a better way of supplementing and enhancing traditional research techniques. It enables us to get closer to the consumer than ever before.”