NEWS22 May 2018

Socialbakers adds audience segmentation

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UK – Social media marketing company Socialbakers has added audience segmentation to its marketing platform, integrating data from social media and other sources.

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The artificial intelligence-led solution will identify different personas within an audience based on their behaviour and interests, offering marketers insights on the content the different profiles engage with, their main interests and their preferred influencers.

“By adding AI-powered Audience Segmentation to our platform, we are turning data into productivity,” said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, chief executive, Socialbakers. “Marketers are pulling in audience data from multiple sources like social, web and their own e-commerce, but combining it to identify audience personas is a real challenge.”

He added that the segmentation would allow brands to “not only identify the personas of their current audience, but look one step further, at the consumers who have some affinity with their product but haven’t yet engaged with their content.”

Among the company’s clients, Renault has begun testing the beta version of the tool.