NEWS5 April 2013

Social media drives increase in TV programme engagement says study

Asia Pacific

AUSTRALIA — Interaction with social media while watching TV drives a 9% increase in programme engagement according to research released today.

Media agency MEC Australia and the Seven television network teamed up with market research company Neuro-Insight to examine the impact of social media interaction on viewers’ engagement levels on 1st and 2nd screens.

The study found that contrary to some theories second-screen usage during TV viewing did not negatively impacts audience engagement, and substantiated the value of TV sponsorships and social media extensions. 

Chief strategy officer for MEC, James Hier said, “”This study teaches us that advertising messages should capitalise on viewers’ heightened receptivity to details, and that we should optimise the type and timing of advertising messages within a TV programme.”

The study revealed: 
• Interacting with social media while watching TV drives a 9% increase in programme engagement 
• Average social media interaction during a TV programme: 4 times 
• These interactions serve as “reset moments” after which viewers return to an engagement level higher than before 
• Throughout the program, cumulative increase in engagement is 26% 
• Second-screen interaction positively impacts detailed memory encoding - the ability to remember specific elements of the broadcast.