NEWS12 March 2014

Sizmek’s Viewable Impression measurement gains MRC accreditation

Features UK

UK — Sizmek’s MDX ad management platform has been accredited for its Viewable Impression metric by the Media Rating Council (MRC).

The Viewability solution – part of a wider suite of ad verification tools – helps determine if a website viewer “has had an opportunity to see an ad as a brand advertiser intended”. It provides advertisers with information on the viewable rate of an ad placement, the recordable rate of webpages upon which a campaign appeared, average duration of advertisment views, average surface area viewable for an ad placement as well as campaign cost relating to viewable and non-viewable impressions.

“Clients who have been testing out our Viewability solution since last year can now progress with us as their trusted solution in 2014 knowing that the product is even stronger, with higher recordable rates as well as the new stamp of approval from the MRC,” said Ricky Liversidge, Sizmek CMO.