NEWS12 June 2014

Sizmek launches cross-channel attribution suite

News UK

UK — Ad management platform company Sizmek has launched a cross-channel attribution suite.

The toolset – available from July – allows advertisers to collect, model and analyse the impact of each point of contact with a consumer along the journey to conversion. Sizmek claims that this will allow them to identify the most effective media, as well as eliminate those media, ads or placements that aren’t helping to achieve advertiser goals.

“The Attribution Suite now empowers users of the Sizmek MDX platform with a more complete set of tools for collecting, aggregating and analyzing the data required for marketers to gain a true understanding of how their cross-channel campaigns drive conversions,” said Alex White, vice president of Product Strategy at Sizmek.

“Our users can quickly make data-driven, informed decisions about where to spend their media dollars for maximum ROI.”

The MDX platform was recently accredited by the Media Rating Council for its Viewable Impression metric.