NEWS29 November 2023

Signoi develops AI persona research offer

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UK –  Research analysis software company Signoi has launched a tool aimed at changing data into ‘lifelike personas’.

blue graphic individuals being circled in red pen

The tool, ‘Personalysis’, uses AI to develop personas from data such as customer segmentation reports. 

Based on demographic, attitudinal and behavioural data, the technology can create personas that represent variability to be found within a segment, in addition to the shared attributes.

With profiles in place, clients can then ask questions of the ‘personas’ using a chat interface.

Andy Dexter, co-founder of Signoi said. “We’ve found that with the right rich client datasets underpinning the personas as a training layer, they become qualitative models, and can mirror the responses of real people within a segment.”

Signoi has conducted concept tests to compare the approach with traditional research.

The tool can be used “for testing ideas and concepts before – or even as a potential substitute for – market research”, added Dexter.

Signoi co-founder Andrew Jeavons said: “Large language models are at the leading edge of AI technology and we are proud to be bringing this technology to agencies and research clients in a user-friendly and engaging way.”