NEWS19 October 2023

SightX to focus on Europe and Asia-Pacific

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US – Research technology business SightX has moved Daryl Maloney McCall into a new role focused on company growth in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Daryl Maloney McCall

McCall (pictured) was previously vice-president, global commercialisation at SightX and will now become vice-president, Asia-Pacific and Europe to help the company’s push to expand its work in both continents.

SightX already operates in the US, and McCall was previously working on early growth strategies and commercialisation, including contributions to SightX’s business model, value proposition, priorities and new services.

As part of the expansion into Europe and Asia-Pacific, SightX has also established technology presence in both markets with servers located in both Europe and Australia.

Established in 2015, New York-based SightX offers an automated, end-to-end insights platform for consumer research.