NEWS19 December 2023

SightX launches performance metrics analysis tool

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US – Market research platform SightX has released a tool examining the key performance metrics behind brands and products.

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The tool, called Key Driver Analysis, helps researchers understand the forces behind key performance metrics such as customer loyalty, purchase intent and satisfaction, as is available on the SightX platform.

Naira Musallam, co-founder at SightX, said: “When it comes to metrics like customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, or purchase intent, not only is it important to know where you stand, but also what factors play a role and their level of impact.

“Our powerful new Key Driver Analysis tool helps you do just that by discovering the ‘whys’ behind your KPIs.”

Tim Lawton, co-founder at SightX, added: “Finding the ‘why’ behind any behaviour or decision is the ultimate research goal.

“If you can get a sense of that, you can get to the heart of what your customers want. This is another powerful feature that allows SightX users to take their teams and companies to the next level.”