NEWS6 July 2016

Shoppers warm to instore technology

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UK – Almost half of shoppers ( 48%) like the idea of fingerprint technology for payment and 62% want to be able to scan a product on their device to see reviews according to the second annual RichRelevance report into in-store shopping.

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Its ‘Creepy or Cool’ study surveys more than 2,000 consumers to determine their attitudes to technological developments in the in-store environment.

The key factor in whether tech is deemed ‘creepy’ or ‘cool’ is whether it enhances their purchase decision.

While 52% were happy to receive a pop-up offer triggered by entering the store on their mobile, 75% thought facial recognition that meant they could be targeted in-store was a step too far. This latter figure down slightly on 2015’s figure of 77%.

Matthieu Chouard, vice-president and general manager at RichRelevance, said: “Retailers walk a fine line when innovating with in-store technology. Clearly UK consumers are looking for a more seamless personalised experience that helps them with their decision making. However, this can be taken too far – more invasive technologies are seen as ‘creepy’ by UK shoppers and this could have an adverse effect on buying behaviour.”