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In-store facial recognition deemed creepy by shoppers

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UK — Seven in ten UK shoppers consider facial recognition technology that identifies age and gender to help display product recommendations ‘creepy’.


Similarly, three quarters ( 76%) of British consumers felt the same about being greeted by their names when walking into a store because of their mobile phones signalling their entrance according to a study Creepy or Cool  by omni-channel personalisation company, RichRelevance. 

However, 72% of UK consumers find personalisation of product recommendations based on purchasing habits a ‘cool’ capability when shopping. 

British shoppers also like location-based personalisation in-store, with 63% welcoming a mobile personalised map showing item locations and efficient store paths to help them navigate stores more conveniently. And 43% said they found in-store location deals – where their location is tracked in order to trigger personalised promotions whilst shopping – ‘cool’. 

Diane Kegley, CMO of RichRelevance, said: “While UK consumers are keen protectors of their privacy and personal space, we now have a clearer view into where they are increasingly embracing – and even expecting – tailored shopping services.”

This survey of 1,049 consumers in the UK was conducted in May 2015.


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9 years ago

Age and gender identification is NOT facial recognition. Find out more: Article: Face Recognition: Profit, Ethics and Privacy

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