NEWS23 March 2021

Shimmer announces Schlesinger and IVP partnership

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US – Wearable technology research firm Shimmer Research has expanded its participant recruitment partnership with mobile marketing research business IVP Research Labs and data collection and research services company Schlesinger Group.

The partnership will support Shimmer’s NeuroLynQ@Home service, which measures galvanic skin responses or changes in sweat gland activity, as well as heart rate, to assess people’s emotional responses to stimulus such as videos, websites, gaming or ethnographic studies.

IVP and Schlesinger will provide a service to recruit participants according to client specifications, ensure they complete studies on time and manage the delivery of sensors to and from research participants.

Shimmer and IVP announced a partnership last month on a neuromarketing service for qualitative research.

Geoffrey Gill, president of Shimmer Americas , said: “Shimmer was interested in finding partners who could provide turnkey services for custom studies that did not fit into standard panel specifications.

“Shimmer is very excited to work with two of the premier research firms in the world to launch NeuroLynQ@Home.”