NEWS4 February 2021

IVP Research Labs and Shimmer partner on neuromarketing

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US – Mobile marketing research company IVP Research Labs and wearable technology research business Shimmer Research have launched a neuromarketing service for qualitative research.

Through the partnership, the companies will make Shimmer Research’s neuromarketing tool more widely available in the US and Europe.

The technology measures galvanic skin response (skin conductance) and heart rate to gather data on participants’ emotional responses during in-person research.

Bob Granito, president, IVP, said: "IVP, alongside our partner Shimmer Research, have sought to bring neuromarketing to the qualitative industry as another measure of consumer feedback."

Geoffrey Gill, president of Shimmer Americas, added: "Together, we have the necessary infrastructure and technical expertise to support deployment of NeuroLynQ technology to neuromarketing researchers in the US and Europe."