NEWS14 November 2012

Scarborough in Puerto Rico launch

Latin America

PUERTO RICO — Scarborough Research, the joint venture between Nielsen and Arbitron, is to launch in Puerto Rico. It will offer consumer consumption data and other services to customers in the country.

The firm, called Scarborough Puerto Rico, is currently building a sample in the country, which will be used to collect attitudinal data, media consumption patterns, consumer attitudes and information on different market segments.

As well as collecting its own data, Scarborough Puerto Rico will incorporate data from parent companies Nielsen and Arbitron into its offering. The first wave of date will be released in spring 2013.

Victor Vazquez (pictured), Nielsen’s executive director for Puerto Rico, said: “Scarborough’s proven methodologies and data sets will provide invaluable insights into the media behaviours, consumer purchasing and attitudes for the Puerto Rico marketplace.”