NEWS15 July 2022

Savanta launches research products range

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UK – Research firm Savanta has launched a suite of low-cost research products marketed by the company as an alternative to traditional market research and insights.

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The product range called Business Essentials, follows Savanta’s consumer-focused Essentials products and includes three dedicated products focused on the business-to-business (B2B) market, covering brand tracking, product concept testing and customer satisfaction.

Savanta said Business Essentials would complement the traditional full-service research and insights approach by providing off-the-shelf solutions for companies new to research and insights, or where budget may be limited.

Each product has been designed as a modular tool, with clients buying access to a template questionnaire.

Subscribing clients will also be able to customise the questionnaire to help target their business, market and product offerings. It can also include five bespoke questions. Subscribing clients can then buy access to their bespoke B2B audience, or upload their own customer database.

Matthew Mann, project director for the Business Essentials products at Savanta, commented: “We’re excited to be launching Business Essentials as a low-cost, high-value alternative to traditional full-service research and insights specifically targeted at the B2B sector.

“Our off-the-shelf project templates will provide subscribing companies with all the core questions needed to provide them with the insights and intelligence required on specific project topics, while also being fuss-free, fast and flexible.”