NEWS2 February 2010

Sands Research and Market Watch team for neuromarketing in Israel

Middle East and Africa Technology

ISRAEL— US-based neuromarketing agency Sands Research has partnered with Israeli market research and polling firm Market Watch to introduce neuromarketing services in the country.

The firms will offer Israeli clients neuromarketing procedures that test consumers’ responses to TV and print adverts, product packaging designs and digital media.

Steve Sands (pictured), chairman of the US firm, said: “Market Watch has been a consistent leader in bringing the latest market research technology and applications to Israel. With its contacts to the major brands and corporations, we expect a substantial increase in neuromarketing services in that market.”

The partnership follows the opening of Sands’ first European office in Surrey in the UK. The firm’s president Ron Wright said: “The acceptance of this new method of market research by America’s top brands is now spreading internationally to brand owners outside the US.”


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13 years ago

I would be interested to know which neuromarketing procedures and services the author is referring to. Which sensory modalities are being measured? Eye tracking, facial expression analysis, EEG, ECG, GSR? Please tell us more.

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