NEWS1 July 2022

RIWI to acquire Research on Mobile

M&A News North America

CANADA – Trend-tracking and prediction technology firm RIWI Corp has entered into an agreement to acquire Research on Mobile (ROM), with an expected close date within the next two to 10 days.

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ROM is a research technology company that has developed and commercialised mature and proprietary survey software.

ROM’s software profiles survey respondents and matches them to global research marketplaces from which commercial customers buy data. The software can provide survey respondents in 80 countries across the world on an on-demand, rapid-response basis.

The acquisition is said to offer several benefits to support the growing data needs of RIWI’s current and future customers.

The benefits include an expansion into programmatic sampling to supply survey respondents for the major research marketplaces; the ability to support longer-form, highly targeted surveys and message tests; enhanced survey access in several countries where RIWI has high demand for customer projects; and the sequential development of new data products.

“ROM’s management team has deep experience in both technology development and the global survey market and will immediately add depth to our leadership and technical team,” said RIWI chief executive Greg Wong.

“This acquisition will accelerate our growth path through new customers, new product offerings and through new transactional revenues. We are thrilled to welcome the exceptional ROM team to RIWI.”

ROM chief executive Nader Kobeissi added: “RIWI’s vision and ambition to become the world’s most trusted and transparent source of data coincides perfectly with all the values that led us to build ROM from day one.

“We are eager to integrate our programmatic and API technology to the already existing robust RIWI technology stack, to grow together as one, and to provide our clients with even better and faster cutting-edge solutions to meet their ever-evolving insights needs.”