NEWS19 August 2010

Revelry Brands plants stake in Data Garden

Financials North America

US— Investment firm Revelry Brands has bought a minority stake in Data Garden, a data analytics agency specialising in the natural foods market.

Data Garden’s technology analyses raw vendor sales and converts it into a reporting data model before producing multiple reports about average price and sales information, as well as promotion profitability.

The cash will be used to help increase sales, expand existing marketing and to increase awareness of Data Garden’s business and technology.

Brendan Synnott, founder of Revelry Brands, which targets investment in natural food and consumer products companies, said: “Jeff Goldberg and Jamie Sidey, the founders of Data Garden, have built their business ready to scale. While they currently work with a single source of data for natural consumer brands, their platform can be expanded to perform a full integration of a company’s data across multiple channels.”