NEWS7 August 2009

ResponseTek launches Twitter scanning tool

North America Technology

CANADA— Software firm ResponseTek has launched a tool to scan Twitter, social media and news networks for discussions and coverage of brands.

The Media Aggregator allows users to select keywords and then mines a range of websites looking for matches. It then automatically reports its findings and categorises them by topic.

Gord Elder, product group director at ResponseTek, said: “We know a lot of companies are struggling to wrap their heads around the sheer volume of information coming out of Twitter, blogs and non-traditional news media, but at the same time they need to track and understand how their brands are being covered and discussed by media and consumers.”

The firm’s president and CEO Syed Hasan (pictured) added: “We see the established worlds of enterprise feedback management, market research and media monitoring converging, and social media is both an important and a disruptive influence. Our clients are very sophisticated, and want total brand management solutions, so we needed to show them how Twitter and other online brand perception channels can be a legitimate source of business intelligence.”