NEWS24 August 2011

Research Rockstar launches survey assessment service

North America

US— Research Rockstar has launched an online assessment tool that it says will help survey designers create better questionnaires when using DIY research services.

The SurveyGrader is available free and produces an automated assessment and feedback report after a user has answered 11 questions about the survey they have created.

Survey designers are asked about the number of questions in their questionnaire, how long it takes to complete and whether each question offers all relevant answers and then produces a report giving feedback and guidance.

CEO Kathryn Korostoff said: “We’ve all seen questionnaires that make us cringe with biased wording, illogical answer options, onerous instructions or boring content. With SurveyGrader, even first-time survey designers get a free sanity check before they start data collection.”

The tool is available through SurveyMedic, a division of Research Rockstar.