NEWS2 July 2010

Research 2000 hits back at poll fraud ‘lies’

News North America

US— The president of Research 2000, which is being sued by political blog Daily Kos for allegedly ‘fabricated’ opinion polls, has said that the accusations against his firm are ‘pure lies’, and accused Daily Kos of owing him a ‘six-figure’ sum of money.

In a statement sent to the Talking Points Memo blog yesterday, Del Ali of Research 2000 said he found Daily Kos’s conduct “mind boggling”.

“Every charge against my company and myself are pure lies, plain and simple and the motives as to why Kos is doing it will be revealed in the legal process,” writes Ali. He adds that “they owe us a significant sum of monies that is in the six figure category”.

Ali calls claims about anomalies in his company’s data “crap” and said the team who analysed the results were “Kos bloggers posing as statisticians”. Research 2000 has been open about its weighting procedures, which explain some of the supposed anomalies, he claims.

He also criticised the National Council on Public Polls, which he accused of “dog whistle support” for Kos and “disregard for the legal process” in its call for Research 2000 to disclose information about its polls.

In a suit filed earlier this week, Markos Moulitsas (pictured) of Daily Kos accuses Research 2000 of supplying “fraudulent” data. Daily Kos has retracted all of its posts that are based on the firm’s research. Daily Kos has been using Research 2000’s data extensively since 2007, and since late 2008 has run a weekly State of the Nation poll conducted by the firm. The polls have also been cited in numerous other media outlets.

Ali said he would not comment further on the matter “until after we are vindicated”.