NEWS6 August 2010

Daily Kos appoints new pollster after Research 2000 row

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US— Political blog the Daily Kos has appointed Public Policy Polling to carry out election polling on the site.

The website is currently taking its previous pollster, Research 2000, to court after a trio of statisticians raised doubts over the reliability of the weekly polls the firm was carrying out.

Markos Moulitsas (pictured), founder of the Daily Kos, said: “We obviously wanted a credible firm to excise the ghost of R2K, but we also wanted an accurate one.”

He added that PPP would be releasing all the raw data associated with its polls, something he said “no other pollster has ever done”.

The website has also appointed another pollster to carry out its weekly State of the Nation polls, but is keeping the identity of the new firm under wraps for a “few weeks”.