NEWS25 September 2012

RapidBlue turns shopper analytics into 3D visualusations

Data analytics Europe

FINLAND— RapidBlue Solutions has created a series of new 3D visualisations for retailers to overlay shopper analytics data on maps of commercial properties.

The company says the 3D shopper analytics visualisations will help commercial real estate owners and retailers achieve a fuller understanding of the performance of their retail space across different floors and trading areas.

RapidBlue COO Sampo Parkkinen, said: ”With this improvement, we are able to condense all relevant shopper analytics data regarding retail stores and shopping centres into one single picture. The realisation that front-line retail managers as well as commercial property managers are always short on time [means] the ability to condense all relevant information for them to action as simply as possible is key for our future growth.”

RapidBlue is one of 22 companies to have formed an alliance aimed at developing more accurate technologies for working out where people are within indoor locations.