NEWS16 January 2013

RapidBlue launches mobile app for retail analytics

Data analytics Europe

FINLAND — Shopper analytics specialist RapidBlue Solutions has launched a mobile application, Mobile Retail Store Analytics, designed to enable offline retail store analytics directly on devices.

The patent-pending technology employed in the app aims to enable retail store owners and managers to start collecting data and receiving Google Analytics-type analytics directly on their own mobile devices, without the need to use any additional in-store hardware. It will present visitor analytics such as number of visitors, dwell time and visiting loyalty as well as window conversion rate in real-time.

RapidBlue COO Sampo Parkkinen (pictured) said: ”Until today, offline retail store analytics has been produced by using data collected by in-store hardware, either proprietary or for instance existing WiFi-hardware. Using hardware to produce analytics aways encompasses a cost of provision. Due to this cost, certain limitations as to who can actually use offline retail store analytics have been present in the market. Our Mobile Retail Store Analytics changes that. By enabling retail store owners to simply download an application to receive store visitor analytics, we open up the entire tail-end retail market, for whom any type of hardware solution is not an alternative.”

The application is currently available for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Meego to interested beta-testers.