NEWS26 October 2012

RapidBlue tool turns location data into metrics

Europe Technology

FINLAND— RapidBlue Solutions has launched an analytics tool for cellular network and wi-fi operators, and other data owners, which is designed to turn stored location data into metrics about consumer movements.

The company says it has a workable prototype ready and is currently processing requests for data analysis from location data owners. First results are expected to be ready in February 2013

RapidBlue COO Sampo Parkkinen (pictured) says: ”We’re seeing that parties who own existing location data have an increased need to make sense of it. We’ve built an automated solution that enables us to produce meaningful metrics on any existing location data set.

”By enabling our clients to provide us existing location data for analysis, we’re entering a very exciting era. We believe this to be only the beginning. Location will become a significant driver of future products and services.”

Mobile network operators have started doing some of this analysis themselves, however. In recent weeks both Verizon and Telefónica Digital have launched divisions focused on turning subscriber location data into consumer behaviour insights for advertisers and retailers.