NEWS31 July 2012

RapidBlue shopper analytics will concentrate on lost sales

Data analytics Europe

FINLAND— RapidBlue Solutions has launched a POS-integrated version of Shopper Analytics to help retailers analyse shopping trips that do not lead to sales.

The product offers retailers the ability to combine RapidBlue Shopper Analytics visitor data with sales information from point-of-sale equipment.

RapidBlue says that by understanding the combination of data available, retailers have the possibility of analysing how many shopper visits are not resulting in sales.

”Previously any retail store visit not resulting in a purchase has been left unanalysed. In fact, no record of a ‘non-purchase’ shopping trip has even existed. Now, retailers can understand the difference in shopping trips resulting in a purchase and those resulting in a missed opportunity,” said Sampo Parkkinen, COO, RapidBlue Solutions.