NEWS6 June 2012

Quri taps app for mystery shopper recruitment

North America Technology

US— A San Francisco-based company called Quri is looking to build an army of mystery shoppers through its new mobile app, EasyShift.

The app launched last week and allows iPhone owners to complete short tasks on behalf of brand owners while out shopping, earning themselves cash in the process.

GPS is used to locate nearby tasks. It might be that a brand is looking for someone to check that its promotion is being displayed correctly in a Walgreens store or that its product is in stock.

Users might be asked to take a photo of the relevant display, then answer a series of survey questions – all of which is fed back to Quri for review and analysis by the brand owner.

Co-founder Justin Behar said: “Brands invest hundreds of billions of dollars every year to promote their products in stores, and they need a scalable solution to measure and optimise that investment.”