NEWS17 November 2010

Qualvu launches video-based online DIY portal

North America Technology

US— Qualvu, which provides online video tools for research, has launched a do-it-yourself service.

Users can select a sample size and target demographics through the dashboard, choosing whether to use Qualvu’s panel or their own respondents.

Once questions have been set, respondents answer in video format, either through smartphones or webcams, and Qualvu produces a report that analyses the results.

CEO John Williamson (pictured) said: “Qualvu’s vision is to help any business make better decisions by truly getting to know their customers in ways that are impossible through traditional focus groups. Our new DIY portal is ideal for any client ready to move past focus groups because of their high cost, logistical complexity and incomplete candour.”

He added that the new tool would allow users to “take their research online in the same way that they’ve already done with functions such as surveys, CRM and travel”.

QualVu said that a beta version of the technology will be launched on an invitation only basis prior to the public launch.

The firm already offers a video-based service, where panel members equipped with webcams are available to take questions from clients.