NEWS30 July 2019

PRS In Vivo releases BEQual Toolkit

Behavioural economics Innovations News North America

US – BVA Group-owned PRS In Vivo has launched a digital innovation applying behavioural science to projecting qualitative research techniques called BEQual™ Toolkit.

The BEQual Toolkit combines tablet computing and a real-time data link to capture participants’ input in projecting qualitative exercises and simultaneously transmit consolidated results to clients.

Responses to stimuli are solicited and collected digitally, simulating the familiar behaviour of posting a ‘like’ or the creation of a hashtag on social media to describe a consumer’s reaction to a message, concept or a product. 

The company said the toolkit lets respondents in qualitative research settings react to new packaging designs after exposure to a prototype, interacting as they would with social media platforms. They then engage in a more intuitive and fun way, often revealing insights that might otherwise be missed. 

Sheryl Brie, senior qualitative research director, said: “There is nothing new about projective techniques in qualitative research; good moderators have always had their personal tricks to elicit responses from participants.

“What is new in the BEQual Toolkit is that we have systematised the consistent collection of behavioural data in ways very natural and familiar to consumers: posting and commenting online, in platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.”