NEWS6 February 2019

PRS In Vivo launches in-context shopper research framework

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US – Shopper insights business PRS In Vivo has launched Next Generation In-Context Research to better understand shopper behaviour to help businesses.

Its new tool uses a behavioural framework to help understand how shoppers interact with products in real environments; what influences shoppers’ purchase behaviors; and how to design choice architectures to win in every retail channel.

It uses technologies such as AI to predict outcomes; a non-intrusive biometric bracelet to measure emotion; and eye-tracking and video journey mapping. In addition, every project can include an e-commerce module, so it is not just limited to physical stores.

Sam Albert, PRS In Vivo’s vice-president, said: “Our Next Generation approach to in-context research has three founding principles: interweaving behavioral science into all aspects of a simpler and more flexible in-context research framework, adding value by including innovative and proven technologies, and helping brands achieve a closer consumer connection.”