NEWS2 August 2018

PRS In Vivo develops pack screening model

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US – Shopper insights agency PRS In Vivo has launched an artificial intelligence-based pack screening model.


The technology uses data mining and AI to screen new packaging concepts. It is the first in a set of agile research focusing on understanding consumer behaviour planned for the coming months.

PRS In Vivo conducted a meta-analysis based on its database of designs to develop the predictive model, which allows users to screen different packaging options and obtain diagnostic insights. 

Scott Young, chief executive at PRS In Vivo, said: “AI and machine learning have allowed us to unlock insights from our database and apply them to screening new designs. This service will help our clients streamline their design processes and will open up our expertise to smaller brands, which may not have been able to afford traditional studies.”

PRS In Vivo was formed in 2016 with the merger of Perception Research Services (PRS) and In Vivo.