NEWS29 September 2023

Premium content improves reception to adverts, finds C4 and Vevo

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UK – Audiences are more likely to have a positive emotional response to watching adverts run during premium publisher content, according to research from Channel 4 and music video network Vevo.

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The study found an almost 50% rise in people who either liked or loved premium television content versus non-premium content, which translated into significant benefits for advertising exposure, with twice as much attention paid to the advert on premium content compared with non-premium.

Those that enjoyed the content they consumed were also twice as likely to consider the brand featured in the advert in the future, the research found.

The advert itself was also considered more enjoyable and shareable in ‘fit for TV’ content, with 62% of respondents having said they enjoyed the advertisement they saw when they liked or loved the surrounding content, versus 28% who watched the same advert in content that they did not enjoy.

Additionally, these premium content viewers saw noted improvements in their impression of the advertising brand, with 61% having recalled seeing their favourite advert being within premium content.

The findings are based on a survey carried out by Flood + Partners of 1,000 British consumers aged between 16 and 40 who regularly watch video content.

Viewers were 3.2 times more likely to watch premium content on television, with respondents also more open to advertisement on bigger screen experiences, according to the research.

Brands advertising with premium publishers were also assumed to have increased value, credibility and trustworthiness by viewers, with trust and believability metrics doubled when an advert was found within premium content, in most cases, and negative connotations for that brand decreased five-fold.

There was overall three-times more positive perception through placement within premium content, while adverts in non-premium were five-times more likely to be perceived as low quality.

David Amodio, deputy head of digital innovation and 4Studio at Channel 4, said: “Since the launch of 4Studio, our social content production and distribution arm, we’ve built a significant presence across a number of the tech platforms.

“It’s been a learning curve understanding how to cut through and find new audiences, but we wanted to team up with a global established expert like Vevo, who shared our production values and standards.”

James Cornish, senior vice-president, international sales and partnerships, at Vevo, said: “Both Vevo and Channel 4 are committed to professional production standards and consistent high quality that cuts through. For advertisers, not all content is the same and nor are publishers.

“As this research shows, premium publishers’ content delivers significant advantages: a safe and positive environment that fosters trust, prestige, and receptivity.”