NEWS19 May 2010

Poll transparency top priority in AAPOR code revision

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US— Tougher rules on transparency and disclosure feature in a revised code of ethics and practices published this week by the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR).

The list of essential information that must be disclosed with each published poll has been expanded to include details of who paid for the survey, what incentives were offered, estimates of a sampling frame’s coverage of the target population, and details regarding the design effects and the development of sampling weights.

Addressing the growth of online research, AAPOR also requires disclosure of the names of sampling frame suppliers, the methods used to recruit online panels (if they are used) and any other information necessary to help people determine whether survey data was obtained from a probability or non-probability sample.

Read the code in full here.

AAPOR president Frank Newport said: “The improved code brings the association up to date with new environmental circumstances in the survey industry and positions us to deal with fresh challenges as the arise.”