NEWS27 March 2013

Pocket launches analytics dashboard for publishers

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US — Mobile app Pocket is rolling out an analytics dashboard for publishers to find out how content is consumed away from the internet.

Pocket allows its 8.5m users to bookmark and save full articles to read later and offline and the app has now launched Pocket for Publishers that allows publishers to access a custom dashboard to “view the extended life of their stories or videos over weeks and months”.

In addition, the dashboard includes lists of top content and authors, and new metrics that focus on longevity and engagement.

Writing on its blog, Pocket editorial director Mark Armstrong commented “For users, Pocket increases the amount of quality content they can consume, across multiple devices, at any time. It means creating new possibilities for publishers – to better understand the life of their content in Pocket, and make the experience better for their audience.”

Over a dozen publisers have already signed up to the service and publishers can request access here.