NEWS29 August 2012

Placed to provide location analytics for mobile websites

Data analytics North America

US— Placed has expanded its location analytics services beyond mobile apps to include mobile internet sites.

The company says it wants to give mobile website owners a better understanding of where users are when interacting with their content, allowing them to tailor the features and advertising they show to visitors according nearby businesses.

For example, an early test run of Placed Analytics on a mobile website found that 10% of site visits occurred near by businesses categorised as banking, while 8.5% happened while users were near a Starbucks.

Placed CEO David Shim said: “We chose mobile web as our next platform because mobile site owners have been requesting the same level of insights as app developers. Additionally, the early adopters of Placed Analytics are also the same developers embracing HTML5 as an alternative to native app development.”.

  • Meanwhile, Placed announced today that Jeff Lanctot, the former Razorfish global CMO, has joined the company’s advisory board.