NEWS14 July 2010

Pittsburgh Penguins pick custom PPM data from Arbitron

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US— The Pittsburgh Penguins have become the first National Hockey League team to sign up for custom portable people meter-based radio ratings from Arbitron.

Arbitron will measure the amount of listeners who tune in to Penguins coverage on radio stations within the team’s radio network, such as The X station.

Under the terms of the agreement, the team will receive individual game and season radio audience estimates, as well as pre- and post-game estimates.

The Penguins took part in the 2010 Playoffs and drew an average radio audience of 200,000 listeners, Arbitron said.

David Peart, the team’s vice president of corporate partnerships added: “Pittsburgh Penguins fans have once again underscored their passion for the team with the way they follow our radio broadcasts on 105.9 ‘The X’ and the Penguins Radio Network.”