NEWS4 December 2015

Phorm and Insomnis partner on ‘hover rate’ ad measurement

Asia Pacific Technology

SINGAPORE — Ad tech company Phorm and Insomnis Media have partnered to develop a new form of ad measurement – ‘hover rate’.

Hover rate is a service designed to provide advertisers with data on the number of internet users hovering their cursor over, but not clicking on, display advertisements, alongside the normal click through data.

“Whilst the ability to identify where a web user hovers on a web page isn’t new, the application of a Hover Rate to a display advertisement is a new feature and unique to the UK market and an exciting new development for advertisers running display campaigns,” said Mike Moran, CEO of Insomnis.

“It will enable our clients to make decisions about advert creativity and placement and provides a rich data source for channel refinement and future targeting.”