NEWS2 July 2012

PercentMobile closes down to make way for Delivr

Data analytics North America

US— Mobile analytics service PercentMobile is being shut down by its founders David Harper and Alexis Rondeau to make way for a new “real world” analytics service called Delivr.

Harper and Rondeau write in their blog that Delivr will look at the value of the smartphone as a link between the real world and the online world.

“The smartphone is becoming the ‘mouse’ of the real world and we are determined to bring understanding to the flood of data being generated by this offline-to-online behaviour,” they write.

PercentMobile focused on measuring mobile audiences. Delivr, meanwhile, offers both campaign management and analytics services for content owners, brands and app developers.

Delivr is headed by CEO Ed Simnett, a former director of strategy and business development for Nokia and head of product strategy for Microsoft Mobile Search.