NEWS16 January 2017

Paragon and GRBN partner on global research database

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GLOBAL — Unilever’s Paragon Partnerships and Global Research Business Network (GRBN) have announced a joint initiative to connect governments, academics and global NGOs with market, opinion and social research suppliers. 

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Individuals and companies can now sign up – via a form on GRBN’s news site – to express willingness to help solve the global issues laid out in the 17-point plan of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development via research.

As part of a 100-day challenge initiative, GRBN will encourage as many of its 3,500+ corporate members to sign up during the first quarter of 2017.  

”Humanity has a hard task in front of it to bring sustainable development to our world," said Dilek Ozler, senior CMI manager at Unilever. "And the to-do-list for the planet will only be achieved if everyone plays their part, and work together.

"Individually, no single body, government or business will be able to find solutions to address these challenges. Our only hope is to work in partnerships. And that is why the partnership between Paragon and GRBN is so important. This is going to open up a new venue for market research agencies all around the world to contribute to this noble cause. And that makes me so proud of the industry I belong to. I encourage all agencies to join this effort and contribute as much as they can.”

“This initiative was launched at the MRS Annual Conference, IMPACT 2016, and we are delighted to support this initiative," added Jane Frost, CEO of the Market Research Society (MRS).

"It’s great to see organisations coming together to tackle the big issues facing the world today. The research and insight sector has so much to offer in enabling understanding, and it’s only once we truly understand our problems that we can begin to create innovative solutions.”