NEWS17 October 2017

GRBN launches research handbook

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US – The Global Research Business Network (GRBN) has released a new handbook, Engage: 101 tips to improve research participant user experience.

GRBN research in 2016 found that up to seven in 10 participants had a poor experience when taking part in a survey so it launched its Participant Engagement Initiative, designed to bring clients, agencies, technology providers and data collectors together to improve research participant experiences. 

Andrew Cannon, GRBN’s executive director, who led the creation of the handbook, said: “While research participants do have good experiences most of the time, this research showed that as a sector we still have much room for improvement.”

More than 35 companies have worked with GRBN to conduct research into both the online survey and qualitative research user experience, as well as to collect user experience data, which has been used in the handbook.

The aim of the handbook is not only to create better user experiences, but to help increase the brand equity of clients by making market research a positive brand touchpoint.

Jane Frost, chief executive of the Market Research Society (MRS), said: “As a sector we rely on the trust and goodwill of research participants to continue with the vital work that we do – ensuring a positive and fulfilling experience is not only a commercial necessity, but our ethical responsibility.”