NEWS26 January 2018

P2Sample uses AI to tackle survey fraud

AI News North America

US – Programmatic sampling company P2Sample has added artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to its insight automation platform to help combat online survey fraud.

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The technology – which P2Sample has been developing and implementing for the past year – helps identify fraudulent respondents and ‘bots’ in online surveys.

The company is using digital behavioural biometric data, comprised of hundreds of demographic and behavioural markers and survey responses unique to the respondent, across its 30+ million opted-in panellists.

By analysing more than 250 billion data points and millions of completed surveys it can eliminate suspicious users using artificial intelligence algorithms that are self-learning and able to adapt to new patterns.

Its CEO, Mathijs de Jong, said: “Fraud is a significant and growing menace across the entire digital ecosystem, from advertising to market research. The industry’s current techniques like digital fingerprinting are no match for bad actors who have the motive and know-how to interfere. We are already working on the next generation of techniques.”