NEWS15 September 2020

OzTAM launches CTV data reporting tool

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AUSTRALIA – OzTAM, the Australian television measurement organisation, has added connected television (CTV) co-viewing data to its video player measurement (VPM) report.

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The new reporting service for VPM recognises that many people watch broadcaster video on demand (BVOD) together, and shifts the current service away from a 1:1 people-to-device measurement.

With co-viewing, a new people-based ‘BVOD audience’ figure replaces the device-based ‘VPM rating’ in the BVOD top programme reports posted to OzTAM’s website.

CTV viewing currently accounts for 50% of BVOD consumption in Australia, and the new data is expected to shine a light on 20% to 25% of BVOD viewing that was previously unaccounted for.

Doug Peiffer, chief executive of OzTAM, said: “We know from our technology, the robust OzTAM panel and our demographic modelling that many people watch TV together on the biggest and best screen in the home.

“Increasingly, that’s a CTV, as 48% of Australian households now have at least one.”