NEWS23 June 2015

Over a third of European companies don't measure impact of CX initiatives

Europe News

UK — 37% of European companies don’t measure the impact of their customer experience (CX) initiatives, according to a new report.

The study, The value of experience: How the C-suite values customer experience in the digital age, released by The Economist Intelligence Unit, revealed that the lack of measurement was attributed to “the difficulty in differentiating between the impact of CX and other factors that may improve performance”.

The study also revealed that 59% of C-suite executives at companies that prioritise CX investment believe they have better revenue growth than their competitors. These companies are, according to the findings, more likely to have their CX initiatives led by the CEO ( 43%) than those companies that consider CX to be less important ( 28%).

The study, sponsored by Genesys, was based on a survey of 516 C-suite executives ( 174 of whom were from the European region).