NEWS26 March 2019

Over 80% of voters think government handling Brexit badly

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UK – More than four in five voters ( 81%) think the UK government is handling Britain’s exit form the EU badly – with those who voted Leave almost as likely to think that as Remain voters.

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According to data from NatCen only 7% think the UK government is handling it well. Among Remain voters, 85% think it’s been handled badly compared with 80% of Leave voters.

Looking at how public opinion has changed during the Brexit process, difference in support for Brexit have widened, according to the latest British Social Attitudes data. And many people feel more strongly about Brexit than they do now about political parties.

While only 8% say the are a ‘very strong’ supporter of a political party up to 40% identify as ‘very strong’ Remainers or Leavers.

Eighty-five percent of ‘very strong Remainers’ think that Britain’s economy will be worse off as a result of Brexit while 71% of ‘very strong Leavers’ believe it will be better off.

Professor John Curtice said: “The longer the Brexit process has gone on, the more critical and pessimistic voters have become. This trend is in evidence, above all, among those who voted in June 2016 to Leave the EU. Indeed, Leave voters have emerged from the process almost as critical of its handling and of the outcome as those who voted to Remain.”