NEWS15 November 2012

Origami Logic raises $9.3m funding

Financials North America

US — Origami Logic, a self-service visual marketing analytics platform, has raised $9.3m in series A funding from Accel Partners’ big data fund, Lightspeed Ventures Partners and other investors.

The firm will use the money to expand its engineering organisation and accelerate development of the platform, which is designed to help marketers gain insight from siloed data.

It was founded by CEO Opher Kahane (pictured) and CTO Ofer Shaked, who along with VP of products Alon Amit have “decades” of experience with organisations including Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Juniper Networks and Israeli Intelligence.

Opher Kahane (pictured) said: “Today, many marketers are faced with data silos making it difficult to capture the entire picture and often must make decisions without complete information. Tomorrow, we hope that Origami Logic will be a single lense through which marketers derive data driven insight across all of their marketing efforts.”