NEWS16 March 2015

Online survey growth mirrors mobile access increase

News North America

US — The UK, US and Canada has seen the highest proportion of survey access via mobile devices, according to a white paper from qual and quant tech solutions company FocusVision.

Mobile growth in online surveys is mirroring overall growth in mobile access to the internet with survey starts on mobile and tablets rising from less than 10% of survey starts in 2011 to more than 25% of survey starts in 2014 according to 2014 Trends Report: Mobile Participation in Online Surveys.

Among its other findings, the white paper identified that completion rates on tablets and mobile is slowly increasing in 2014: 73% desktop; 74% tablet; 64% mobile phone.

Aaron Jue, director of research for FocusVision, said: “This study reinforces that researchers need to continue focusing on survey designs that accommodate smaller screens and touch devices such as tablets and smartphones. We found that there are specific ways to accomplish this without compromising the integrity of the resulting data.”

FocusVision, which acquired the quantitative research technology company Decipher in January 2015, created the white paper based on thousands of Decipher’s independent surveys.