NEWS9 November 2021

One third of CMOs lack trust in marketing data

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UK, US & EUROPE – More than a third ( 34%) of chief marketing officers (CMOs) don’t trust their marketing data, according to the latest research from marketing data analytics platform Adverity.

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This figure rises to 41% among their data analyst colleagues and deepens at leadership level, with 51% of chief technology officers (CTOs) and chief data officers (CDOs) lacking trust in the data.

The Marketing Analytics State of Play 2022: Challenges and Priorities study commissioned by Adverity surveyed 964 marketers and data analysts across the US, UK and Germany, identifying the key strategic challenges faced by marketers and data analysts, as well as their priorities for 2022. 

One of the most likely causes of the distrust in marketing data and the number one challenge cited by both marketers and data analysts ( 42%) is the time being wasted manually wrangling data. At the C-level, this jumps to 54%. 

Commenting on the findings, Adverity chief marketing officer Harriet Durnford-Smith said: “Modern marketing can’t afford to wait three weeks for someone to sift through a spreadsheet. By manually wrangling data, businesses not only open themselves up to human error and inefficiency, but also commit themselves to a reactive strategy. Moving away from manually wrangling data is the first step to becoming a data-driven business.”