NEWS3 May 2016

One Minute to Midnight opens its doors


UK – Human insight consultancy One Minute to Midnight has been launched by insight professionals Paul Laver and Douglas Dunn.

One Minute to Midnight_crop

Laver has more than 20 years of global insight experience largely focused on brand development, while Dunn previously founded and was CEO of Tuned In Research, establishing offices in both London and New York.

One Minute to Midnight was established following Laver’s buyout of his previous agency, Olive Insight, and has been backed by various people including an ex-P&G marketer. 

Dunn said: "If you look at the best brands they connect with people on a deeply human level. Our mission is to give marketers insight with real meaning to shape and strengthen these connections. To achieve this we believe we have to firmly anchor everything in the human. We do this by understanding the 4 Dimensions of being Human, our actions, our feelings, our thoughts, and the most important dimension, our values.”   

One Minute to Midnight has created the Dimensions Project, a global exploration into human values and how they guide relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands from Nike to Facebook.