NEWS20 May 2010

Ofwat hires McCallum Layton for c-sat survey task

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UK— Water industry regulator Ofwat has commissioned McCallum Layton to run its regulatory customer experience survey, which tracks customer satisfaction levels across all 21 water companies in England and Wales.

The survey involves more than 16,000 telephone interviews each year to assess the quality of the experience that consumers have when coming into direct contact with their water company.

For the last three years McCallum Layton has carried out Ofwat’s regulatory ‘DG9’ survey, which specifically tracks customer satisfaction with the handling of telephone calls made to water companies.

Sue Cox, head of consumer policy at Ofwat, said: “We are looking forward to working with McCallum Layton on this exciting new regulatory incentive which will drive improved service to customers across the water sector.”

Ofwat appointed a new research roster in January. McCallum Layton was one of 18 agencies to make the list, which will stand for four years.