NEWS11 March 2014

OfficeReports integrates SurveyMonkey with MS Office

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DENMARK — OfficeReports, a data analysis and reporting overlay within Microsoft Office, has announced a new version that integrates directly with SurveyMonkey.

OfficeReports converts PowerPoint and Word into survey analysis and reporting programs capable of reading raw data and producing cross-tabular and statistical analysis. The new partnership will allow Microsoft Office users to create custom dashboards and charts inside PowerPoint and Word based on survey data.

Torben Laustsen, CEO of OfficeReports said: “The majority of all survey data ends up as tables and charts in PowerPoint.

“The new integration with SurveyMonkey makes the process from survey data to tables and charts in reports much shorter, simpler and much faster. We hope that SurveyMonkey users will welcome this new opportunity.”

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