NEWS8 December 2011

NRG founder Joseph Farrell dies aged 76

North America

US— Entertainment researcher and film producer Joseph Farrell, the founder of the National Research Group, had died in Los Angeles aged 76.

Farrell is credited with introducing film-related services such as trackings, test screenings, trailers and TV spot testing and an “early warning” system to highlight a movie’s box office potential.

He and business partner Catherine Paura founded NRG in 1978 and then sold it to Nielsen in 2003, when he and Paura started their own film production company.

Kevin Goetz, CEO at research agency Screen Engine who worked with Farrell at NRG, told Variety: “I’m obviously devastated by the news of Joe’s passing. I owe so much to him. He gave me my first opportunity in the research business and for that I’ll be forever grateful.”